Updated: 22 December 2016
Views expressed are my own!
This website (www.demographics.at) is not a United Nations publication.

It is a private project, which I started long before I joined the Population Division of the United Nations. After my retirement from the Population Division in 2013 I have updated and expanded this website.

Views expressed are my own and do not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of any international organization or research institute.

This website is using mainly published data from the official United Nations World Population Prospects, the World Urbanization Prospects and the Probabilistic Population Projections for all countries of the world.

However, occasionally data from other sources are used, including data from international organizations and research agencies, census bureaus, survey organizations. Special attention is given to clearly document all data sources.

Websites of the United Nations Population Division
If you are interested in the official output of the Population Estimates and Projections Section of the United Nations Population Division, please use the following official websites listed below:
This website provides data and publications from the most recent population estimates and projections for all countries and areas of the world. Data are also available for numerous aggregates.
This website provides data and publications from the most recent estimates and projections of the urban and rural populations of all countries in the world. Estimates and projections are also available for major urban agglomerations.

Here you can find the results from the probabilistic population projections.

Here you can find a list of publications on the United Nations World Population Prospects.